Computer Center

Meriden Public Library offers free wifi to use your laptop, library computers you may access with your library card, and computer classes if you need help with the computer.

Computer classes for adults are offered at MPL.  Four different areas are covered in 45 minute sessions offered Monday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Basic email class helps the patron open an email account and learn how to write, send, and manage an email account.  While class is based in Yahoo mail, the principles taught apply in any email account including gmail, aol, and hotmail as well as other email systems.

Resume writing class helps the patron build a resume using the Career Cruising database on the library’s resource page. The database can be accessed online from home or anywhere through the Meriden Library home page using the patron’s library account.  Each patron is helped to open a portfolio in Career Cruising and then build a resume using its resume builder module.   The portfolio module guides the patron to select and complete portions of the resume including personal information, work and education histories, skill listings, career goals and references.

Online job searching teaches the patron to use three websites to search for employment.  CtJobs, Career Cruising and JobsNow displays positions that are currently available in the field and location desired.   While the focus is on learning use these websites, the processes of online applications including emailing documents to potential employers and uploading documents to employment sites are covered if time permits.

Basic computer skills class has two components.  The first component is hands on instruction in basic computer skills including using a mouse (high lighting, cutting, pasting, copying), activating programs, managing the desk top and basic Internet searching.  The second component allows the patron to use tutorial programs to learn Microsoft Office or improve their typing skills.

Individual help sessions to work on specific problems and projects can be scheduled by calling Jerry at the Information Desk (203-238-2347).  Future topics planned for the Spring of 2011 include Internet job searching, using MPL online databases, and Advanced Microsoft Word and Excel.

Computer Tutoring in Spanish is offered regularly. Check the calendar for the next class date.

The library has Free Wifi.  









Computer Center Guidelines

The Kiwanis Computer Center is open during library hours.  Note: Computers will shut down 20 minutes prior to Library Closing.


If you print it is $.15 per page for black & white and $.25 per page for color.

All users must have a public library card with a 14 digit barcode.  Meriden Residents, who do not have a card with a 14 digit barcode, please see Information Desk to get a guest pass or Circulation to purchase a new card for $1.  Non-Residents may use their library cards from their hometown library.  Please see Reference staff if you do not have a 14 digit barcode or if you are visiting from out of state and do not have a card.

The library cannot guarantee successful connections during Internet use.


Patrons are limited to 120 minutes of computer use per day.  This limit includes the time required for saving and printing files.

No more than 1 person is allowed per terminal unless authorized by staff.

Printing costs $.15 per page for white copy paper. Users may bring their own paper, but still must pay $.15 per copy (black & white) and $.25 per copy (color).

It is recommended that users save their work to a flash drive, CD-R or CD-RW. Any files saved to the hard drive will be erased. Flash drives are available for $5.00. Users are welcome to bring their own storage media.

The library provides free access to the Internet. MPL does not monitor or control the material content available on the Internet, as it does not limit shelf access to print materials. While some of the information is of high quality, inevitably some material may be less accurate, authoritative, appropriate, or may be difficult to retrieve.

MPL Internet access shall not be used to receive, send, or view material in which the content or meaning is likely to be deemed obscene, abusive, or offensive. Accessing chat rooms or instant messenger is not allowed.


Users must be familiar with computers and how to use them. Books are available for users to consult for basic instruction and help. There are tutorials covering the Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, and mouse on each terminal in the Computer Center. Classes are offered periodically for beginning users. Individual instruction by staff is not available.

Meriden Public Library 105 Miller Street, Meriden, CT 06450 Main Number 203.238.2344 Fax 203.238.3647