Wake Up Your Thyroid


Monday, Sept 24 at 6:30

Have you been diagnosed with a malfunctioning thyroid? Do you think you have a thyroid problem, even if your blood work says differently? Are problems with your thyroid affecting your weight, sleep, or energy?

Dr. David DeRosa will be here to talk about your thyroid with proven research that 12 percent of the United States will develop a thyroid condition in their lifetime.

Ghostly Photographs


Thursday, Sept 27 at 6:45

MORE ghostly photographs by Julie Griffin.

She is a photgrapher, paranormal investigastor, and psychic medium. With the hope of capturing more evidence for the existence of the spirit world, she visits locations reported as haunted. So many stories to tell.

You don't want to miss this event.


Saturday, Sept 29 from 9 - 3

New free workshop can help you to be a peacemaker - in our families, our community, and in our hearts

  • Non-religious materials and methods, with real-world problems in mind                                             tug of war
  • Suitable for families, leaders, professionals, and more - book available
  • Invite others - become a peace-making community!

Learn how to have a heart at peace!

Needles and Hooks


Next Meeting: Sept 19th

Every other Wednesday from 10 -12

Join other crafters to work on a project, learn how to knit or crochet, or seek help on a project. This group is for beginners and the experienced.


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